So, you've looked into getting an at home IPL laser device but you still have some questions? No problem! Peep our Frequently Asked Questions below, but also if you have any specific questions feel free to mail us: info@nude-online.com

What exactly is IPL and how does the n_de laser IPL device work?

IPL is a form of light therapy which is similar to laser technology and its effectiveness comes from the fact that the wavelengths emitted have the ability to kill the hair follicle and subsequently the hair growth slows down over time. The light is absorbed by the melanin pigment in the hair which subsequently heats up, which is why we recommend shaving directly before use so as not to have excessive heat on the skin.

Is the the n_de laser device painful to use?

Luckily for you, one of the best factors about our IPL laser device is that there is far less pain experienced opposed to in salon laser treatments, and with the 5 different settings options on the handset, you can choose a level which feels most comfortable to you!

Most customers feel barely anything at all on the lowest setting, and a more intense prickle at the top setting, but this is an entirely personal experience as everyone's skin has different sensitivities.

How long before I can expect to see results?

This boils down to your hair type, your consistency with treatments and what setting you're using the device on. Generally our customers experience a noticeable slowing in hair growth after 3 - 4 weeks and complete results around the 12 week mark. Hair will grow back more and more sparsely and at a slower rate after every use! Thereafter we recommend doing top-up treatments every 3-4 months to prevent regrowth.

(Note: treatment length and results vary from one person to the next)

Okay, so how old do I have to be to have IPL?

Ideally one should wait until at least 16 years of age so that you allow enough time for your hair follicles to develop properly. That being said, certain people develop thicker and darker hair at an earlier age so if you are under the age of 18 and keen to start treatments, please make sure you consult with your parents and/or an aesthetician or dermatologist before using one of the devices.

Will the n_de IPL device work on my hair/skin colour?

The presence of melanin in the hair is the critical element for the n_de IPL laser device to work as it absorbs the light energy and directs it towards the follicle which eventually causes the hair growth to slow. This means that individuals with red, blonde or grey hair may not find the treatments as effective. 

What this also means is that for people with naturally pigmented skin tones, the device is unsuitable as the increased amount of melanin in their skin makes them more susceptible to burns. The technology is therefore in this way more than a bit restrictive for certain ethnicities, but we are on the hunt for a product to add to our shop that will be safe and suitable in the future!

Please refer to the below graph to check if IPL is suitable for you:

safe skin and hair tones for IPL machines

Is the n_de at home IPL laser device safe to use?

Our devices are FCC, CE and RoHs certified for safe use. IPL is not a new technology so many clinical studies have been done to check the effectiveness and safety of the treatments both at clinics and at home.

It is important to note that the n_de IPL laser device also blocks wavelengths below 470 nm from the IPL spectrum which is the norm with most IPL handsets. In doing so, light is prevented from damaging the outer layer of your skin and therefore no longterm side effects such as skin cancer or premature aging will be caused.

What if I'm not satisfied by the results?

While we are 100% sure you will be more than happy with your treatment outcomes, we understand that something like this sounds too good to be true. So we offer a 90 day money back guarantee to give you peace of mind. You can read more about that here: https://nude-online.com/pages/return-refund-policy

Which areas can I use the device on?

Pretty much anywhere you want! Be cognisant that some areas are less used to light, so may be more sensitive. Our advice is always to start with the lower settings and then work your way up dependant on how it feels. 

PLEASE NOTE: Do not use the device on a high setting on your face and avoid the eye area. Use only below the cheekbones and above or between the brow. We also recommend using a sleep mask while doing so to shade your eyes further.